Transparent pricing

Unless responding to a preformatted tender document, Silverpoint will provide a detailed quotation based on one of our own templates, according to the nature of the work.

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Quotations take the form of a Schedule of Work which indicates precise costs against specified activities. Provisional sums will be allowed where detail has not been finalised. Subsequent changes, additions or deletions will be notified in writing.

Smaller work is generally undertaken on acceptance of our standard Terms and Conditions. Larger projects can be governed by a standard form of contract, for example a JCT Homeowner Contract. If you wish, this can be administered by your architect or another third party.

We benefit from trade discounts on most materials and many popular products and we aim to provide these at, or below, published prices. If you prefer to provide items yourself, then we have no objection.

Unforeseen work
Older properties sometimes conceal structural problems that need to be rectified as a priority. Clients should be aware of this possibility and be in a position fund remedial work where necessary.